Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Disabled - but not uniquely so...

It was a bit weird, if I'm honest...

I was recently part of a day conference hosted by the Inclusive Church Network, looking at Disability and hearing different people's experiences. I was there with Dave, Jarvis his guide dog, and Bill - we are the core team of a group called Disability & Jesus.

And it was great.

And it was weird.

I was suddenly surrounded by people with disabilities.

I found myself at one point sat on a chair alongside 3 people in wheelchairs, looking across at another 4 wheelchairs, 2 guide dogs, and a variety of people with walking aids...

You rarely find that outside A&E departments.

I'm usually the only disabled in the village - surrounded by ableds.

At the conference I was not unique.

Neither was I alone.

As I say - great, but weird. 

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